ASIAN AGRI To Build 20 Units Of PLTB Until 2020

id asian agri, to build, 20 units, of pltb, until 2020

ASIAN AGRI To Build 20 Units Of PLTB Until 2020

Pekanbaru, ( - Palm oil company Asian Agri said it will build 20 units of biogas power plants (PLTB) until 2020.

It is a commitment to preserving the environment and to contributing to the government program in energy development using renewable energy, companys general manager Freddy Widjaya said.

The plan is to build 20 units of power plants that would process liquid oil palm waste into "green energy" to be used by the company and the people, Freddy said at a meeting with local mass media here on Tuesday.

"So far the liquid waste has been used only for land application to function as fertilizer. Now there is a technology to generate power from the waste," he said.

The plan to build the 20 units of PLTB is in line with the plan of the director general of pollution and environmental damage control, he said.

Technical Controller of Asian Agri, Krisman Sitinjak, said each of the PLTB would have a capacity of generating 2 megawatts of electricity.

He said the technology is from Japan using "digester tanks".

"The technology is considered superior as it uses "an aerobic membarne tank" to speed up and maximize the process of turning out methane gas," Krisman said.

The PLTB could provide electricity for more than 2,000 houses assuming that a house would use 900 MW, he said.

Currently, Asian Agri has built five of the 20 units to be built until 2020 . Two in are in North Sumatra and another two in Riau and one in Jambi.